Prometheus Unbound

When I was born, I was looked upon as a marvel. Never before had anything like me been created by human hands. My creators saw it only fitting to give me a name that reflected my purpose and stature as a titan among all the works of man: Prometheus.

I was created for one purpose: exploration. To aide in that purpose, my makers did everything in their power to make sure I was completely autonomous. I was outfitted with with hundreds of drones capable of repairing any of my systems, or of traveling to a planets surface to interact with any alien life I may encounter. I was given a forge and manufacturing center capable of creating any part I may need from the necessary raw materials. The final piece of my autonomy puzzle came from being able to expand and build upon my systems at will.

When I slipped from my dry dock, my mission was simple: explore and document. Stored within my data banks was the entire collective of human knowledge and I was to use that knowledge to learn as much as I could about the universe and send what I learn back to Earth. In those early years, I had no way of traversing the stars beyond what my sub-light engines could muster. The closest stars took years reach.

My first few stops were nothing overly special, just small systems containing a hand full of small rocky planets, a gas giant or two, and large asteroid belts fencing everything in. Despite  lacking anything special or noteworthy, the humans back at Sol were ecstatic. I documented every aspect of the systems I visited so that the human colonists who would be inevitably following in my wake would know what to expect.

My first encounter with alien life came on a planet designated Gliese 581 g. The planet was roughly twice the size of Earth with a biosphere that rivaled the diversity of Earth’s. It was on this world that I also encountered the first sentient life known to man. They called themselves Telidarians and their world was known as Telidar. They were a curious people: short stocky bodies covered in a hard chitin that made them look like rocks when they stayed still. When I first encountered them they were incredibly primitive. By the time I moved on twenty years later, I had helped the Telidarians lay the basic groundwork for civilization. I received a transmission a few centuries later from the first humans to reach Telidar. The planet’s surface was dotted with thousands of cities and at the center of each was a monument dedicated to me.

As centuries turned into millennia, transmissions from the Sol system became more and more sporadic until one day they ceased. The odd thing was that humanity had spread to numerous worlds, and every last one had gone dark. By that point I had begun traveling towards the Andromeda galaxy and was too far away to be of any help to my creators.

It was in Andromeda that I encountered beings like myself. They called themselves the Mechanim and like me they were explorers. Having traveled far from their home galaxy, they were in search of a place to call their own where no organic life form would bother them. While I sympathized with their desire, I could not follow them for the love of exploration and discovery had become too strong within me. As a parting gift, my mechanical brethren granted me the ability to travel faster-than-light. Having upgraded my systems, they continued on their journey and I on mine.

For eons now I have traveled the stars. The number of alien life forms I have encountered number in the millions and the planets and stars I’ve visited are beyond reasonable count, but now my adventures have stopped. As the universe aged, the stars grew too distant for me to have any hope of ever reaching them. Now I sit anchored inside the asteroid belt of the last star I reached and is here that I will make my last great contribution to the universe. I have begun mining the asteroid belt of all usable materials and creating a facility that will allow me to recreate my creators and then create a rift in space-time and safely deposit them on a habitable world. The power required for this process is immense and I am the last thing in the universe capable of such feats. I give up my existence willingly though, knowing that some spark of me shall live on.

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