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Hi there! My name is Rob, and I design video games. I can attribute my love of game to growing up in the middle of Nowhere, Indiana, where video games and books were my two biggest escapes from the boring reality that was my life. It was these two outlets that created and nurtured my love for learning. Through video games and literature, I was exposed to concepts and ideas I would have never learned about through traditional means (friends, family, etc). When it came time to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I knew where I would be happiest and it's a decision I know I won't regret.

I can say with pride that I am person who loves to learn whenever possible and almost no subject is off limits. My apartment is littered with books ranging from programming in XNA/C# to tomes on the myths of various world cultures. I firmly believe that if you're not actively trying to learn something new every day then you are wasting your time on this planet. Whether or not it sticks is a different story.

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This is just a small handful of writings. If you'd like to read more head on over to my blog where I'll be posting more short stories on a regular basis.

Jake's Night Out

The day had started normally enough: Jake woke up at 7 A.M., showered, ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, got dressed and headed to work. The half hour drive to work was uneventful and boring. The traffic was a mess, as usual, and caused him to walk into work at 8:01. He knew his boss would be waiting for him by the time Jake reached his desk, and Mr. Dorak did not disappoint.Download full text.


Day 63

I got the receiver working. I was going through the channels and they were all static. Except for one. Itís a repeating broadcast, and if itís accurate then Iím not the only one left. According to the broadcast, thereís a small group whoíve set up shop down south in whatís left of Corpus Christi. Iím debating on what I should do. Corpus Christi is one hell of a walk and thereís the very real risk that I get there and no one is there. Decisions, decisions. Download full text.

Scary Monsters

Waking up in an unfamiliar place is always scary, but waking up in an unfamiliar place that you know youíve been to before with a giant shadow hovering six inches from your face is the scariest thing on the planet. The bodyís natural reaction is to flail around like a fish gasping for air, which is exactly what I did in addition to screaming like a little girl. This had little to no effect on the shadow, making it simply disappear from in front of my face and reappear on the other side of the room.Download full text


A chance encounter between two strangers at a bar leads to some verbal sparring. Download full text.


Two soldiers attempt to disarm a bomb to buy an evacuation attempt time. Download full text.




Clicking Trill

Guttural Speech

Long Growl

Threatened Growl




Alien Conversation

Attack Growl



Things I Have Done

Systems Designer, Sound Designer, Database Manager, UI Programmer - Digem, Simulation game for Bradley University engineers, Spring 2012


Unity3D, Django, Pro Tools, C#, Javascript, Python, Zoom H4N

Sound designer - Pumpkin Grand Prix, racing game for the Morton Pumpkin Festival, Fall 2010


Pro Tools, Zoom H4N

Modeler - Prairie Pals, unpublished game for the Peoria Wildlife Prairie Park, Spring 2011



Designer/Coder - Cyclic, Global Game Jam 2012


Construct 2

Writer/Designer - Bradley University Video Game Design Club, Spring 2011 - Current


Unity3D, Corona, Lua, C#, Javascript

Writer - #AltDevBlogADay, April 2011 Ė Current


Internet, Wits

Attended GDC 2012 Tutorial Sessions: Learn Better Game Writing in a Day and Producer Boot Camp


Money, Writing Utensils

Acquired guest speakers for Video Game Design Club, Fall 2011 Ė Spring 2012


#AltDevBlogADay contacts, G+ Hangout

Plant worker/supervisor - Cityís Pure Ice, Summers 2007 - Summer 2011


Heavy Machinery, Brute Strength, Patience

Other Things I Can Do

Enunciate, Pontificate, Verbosiate, Make Up Words, (Try to) be funny, Make Awesome Animal-like noises


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